Any lady at the sight of beautiful underwear cannot resist buying it. Basically, when choosing lingerie, more and more attention is paid to color and style. But the material from which the product is made remains unattended. It is very important, when choosing underwear, to know what material was used in sewing.

Now more and more girls, following fashion trends, choose inappropriate underwear and face the problem of discomfort. We all know that openwork, lace lingerie is certainly beautiful and sexy, but this does not mean that such products should be discarded. Sometimes it is better to choose linen made from natural materials.

Of course, cotton underwear looks less attractive than synthetic materials, it wears out quickly, but first of all it is safe for health! Cotton is a natural material, hypoallergenic, non-irritating, has good breathability. This is a great option for every day.

Kleo takes care of the consumer and also has cotton underwear in its case. We know how to create comfort and style. We know how to make every day happy.

Just imagine, printed cotton lingerie is perfect for any outfit, as well as models in basic colors. Yes, it is possible!

In the production of the Kleo Cottone line, only high-quality fibers of Italian origin are used. The material is incredibly soft, pleasant to the body, does not cause discomfort. Lovers of the brand cannot imagine their locker without new products of comfortable and natural underwear.